Wednesday, 27 July 2016

British museum: Egypt and Greece

My third post about my visits to the British Museum (Anglosaxons, Vikings), today's historical-based pic-overload will be about some women-centric pieces in the Egyptian and Greek areas of the British, from my visit in 2014:

  • Egyptian: Saw some Hathor statues, and particularly loved all the Sekhmet statues. Sekhmet's my favourite Egyptian goddess, not only because I'm a Leo xD, but mainly because she's a really empowered warrior-goddess and a feminist role model for me :) I also love how these women are portrayed with bare chest in the statues without being sexualized or objectified in the slightest.

  • Greek: The woman-centric pics I took in the Greek section back in 2014 included Athena (another great feminist role model, and my favourite Greek/Pre-Hellenic goddess alongside Ártemis), the Nereids (I love those statues, so aesthetic), and Amazons (only again, more feminist role models for me):

This pic is back from 2006: