Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Translating Astérix into Quenya

I've been studying Tolkien's Quenya for a while, and one day I decided to translate something. So I ended up translating some frames from one of my fave Astérix comic books: The meeting of Anticlimax and Astérix in Astérix in Britain (Astérix chez les Bretons in the French original). It's nice to be a nerdy erudite :) 

 The tricky part about translating Astérix comic books, in my opinion, revolves around all the set phrases, idioms and double-meaning jokes. So I wanted to base my tolkienized translation on at least two different translations. I happen not to have the original French version of the comic book (something which I'll have to amend soon), so I used the English and the Spanish translations. I like the Spanish translations of Astérix books because they're reasonably literal and quite close to the original. I find that the English translations deviate quite a bit from the original more than once. 

 The final study, which I embed in pdf format (in Spanish and English), includes the comic panels with the Quenya dialogue superimposed, the English and Spanish translations, a brief analysis of my own Quenya translation, and a list of the dictionaries/glossaries and the rest of bibliography I used:

The panels with  my Quenya translation (given that in the pdf it's vertically oriented and more difficult to read). Open in a new tab for a larger image:

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